Martin Fourcade is unstoppable

Fourcade won his fourth gold medal of this Championship.

Even after missing once, no one managed to get the upper hand on Martin Fourcade. Austrians Dominik Landertinger and Simon Eder both hit all 20 targets to grab the two remaining podium places and Austria’s first medals in this year’s Championships.

Martin Fourcade won his fourth gold medal of the Championships with today’s standard distance race.
–I’m proud and overjoyed at winning the standard distance event. It’s an incredible feeling, Fourcade said at the press conference.

Dominik Landertinger was closest to beating Fourcade today. He took the opportunity to praise the King of the Championships.
–Today was an almost perfect race for me, but Martin (Fourcade) was not to be beaten – much like the in rest of the Championships, Landertinger said.